Voelkel Juice(DE) - Forest Fruit Schorle(Bio)Box 24*33cl

Voelkel Juice(DE) - Forest Fruit Schorle(Bio)Box 24*33cl

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Voelkel's Apfel Waldbeeren Schorle is actually one of my favourite drinks from the immense Voelkel Juice range of organic and biodynamic juices and soft drinks. 

It resembles their core philosophy the best, as their company is based on Steiner's anthroposophy teachings, that on the matter of design is basically, what you see is what you get, and that is something we love. 

At first it's the inside what counts and where people eventually will come back for. 

This schorle, what basically means spring water mixed with  some sort of fruit juice or a mix of juices, no added sugar and a lot higher fruit content than a soft drink, is a craft soda of local aromatic apple juice and the juice of wild berries with their own spring water from their own organic well. 

It reminds us to our child hood, when getting a forest fruit yoghurt was a real treat. 

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