The Wild And Natural Low ABV Pack

The Wild And Natural Low ABV Pack

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At Kioskh we're big fan of low abv drinks, and are always on the look out for producers that are able to bring out a lot of flavour without a high alcohol percentage. 

Like salt, alcohol acts also as a transporter of flavour. It is very hard to brew or produce great low alcoholic beverages, so when we find some we are happy to share them with you. Even though the percentage is lower we appreciate the craft of the producer and for us it does not mean that the price also should be lower, we see it it even as a more skilled proces and are happy to pay more or just as much as a higher percentage alcoholic drink. 

We've selected our favourites from 4% and lower that we currently have on stock and brought them all together in this wild and natural low abv pack. 


3 bottles 33cl of Herslev Bryghus - Hay Apple 3,7% 
A wild fermented beer brewed with organic barley, hay from the fields and organic local apples. Brewed without hops. A very tasteful tangy and refreshing hybrid beer. 

3 bottles 33cl of Herslev Bryghus - Organic Farmer's Beer 2,7% 
We are big fan of this Farmer's Beer, ideal for lunch or to have a few after work. Although low in abv, a great amount of flavour created with their own grown organic barley. 

3 bottels 33cl of Nevel Artisan Ales - Weide 4% 
This wild light beer from Nijmegen's Nevel Artisan Ales is one of our favourite beers from them, a sort of Grisette style of beer, a high fermented Belgian farmer's beer, with local Tetnang. Very easy drinking! 

3 bottles 25cl of Cidre Kerné - Delice 3% 
Also one of our favourite ciders from Kerné. Very delicate, naturally fermented, pur jus. You can easily forget you're drinking an alcoholic beverage. Perfect for lunch or after work. 



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