Leave Your Sword Kombucha(NL) - 5-pack75cl (Amsterdam delivery Only, contains alcohol)

Leave Your Sword Kombucha(NL) - 5-pack75cl (Amsterdam delivery Only, contains alcohol)

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LYS 5-pack 75cl


About our Kombucha

Kombucha is a living, natural product. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally carbonated, just like a natural wine.

Every LYS kombucha is brewed, bottled and aged at LYS brewery in Amsterdam-Noord.

All our kombucha is made from the same four ingredients: organic tea, filtered water, organic beetroot sugar and kombucha culture. They are kept refrigerated at 4°C and intended to be drank and served on their own in chilled wine glasses, or in place of soda in cocktail.

All our kombucha contains some cafféine and alcohol, please check the labels on the bottle before consumption.

This pack contains their full range of kombucha's; 3 from the essential range and 2 of the single origin. 

Essential Kombucha

Our Essential line is brewed with tea blended from several tea gardens. We carefully select them from tea cultures, tradition and history creating our own brewing style.

Green Jasmine: origin China
Jasmine blossom infused green tea.

Tasting notes: green tea, jasmine flowers, fresh-cut grass, honey.
Pair with: raw fish, steamed veggies, seaweed, dessert, multigrain cookie.
Cocktail suggestion: Silver fizz, Burned caipirinha, gin & tonic.
Caffeine 20mg/100gr

Earl Grey: origin China
Bergamot flavoured black tea.

Tasting notes: bergamot, toasted brioche, deep black tea.
Pair with: dark chocolate, white meat, braised fish, rosemary & cranberry cake.
Cocktail suggestion: French 75.
Caffeine 21mg/100gr

Lapsang Souchong: origin China
Black smoked tea.

Tasting notes: oak, citrus, tobacco smoke, whisky, pine.
Pair with: kimchi, oysters, blue cheese, poached fruits, pain d’épices.
Cocktail suggestion: whisky sour, pineapple, mint.
Caffeine 19mg/100gr


Single-Estate Kombucha

Our Single Estate line is brewed from single tea gardens and we select them according to their best profile from that origin. Based on the year of harvest, we carefully manage the fermentation process to brew the most refined aromas, so you can virtually taste the climate from the location of origin.

Milky Oolong:
origin Fujian Province
Green tea, semi oxidized, spring harvest, milk steamed.

Tasting notes: peach, dulce de leche, exotic fruits, silky.
Pair with: steamed mustard stem bun, toasted hokkaïdo brioche.
Cocktail suggestion: « new fashion » vodka base
Caffeine 11mg/100gr



Darjeeling Black First Fush FTGFOP1*: origin Soom garden South West Bengal.

Grade: Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. Green tea.
Tasting notes: hay, dry nettle, wild flowers, chamomile, iodine
Pair with: financier sakekasu hemp.
Cocktail suggestion: « pink panther » beetroot ramos gin fizz
Caffeine 26mg/100gr

*The Darjeeling will be freshly brewed with a very short ageing of 2 weeks maximum, released for the Summer exclusively.

Pre-order them as soon as you can!



LYS Kombucha's contains max 2,5% vol. Alcohol and between 190 and 260 mg p/L of caffeine. 

Orders placed and paid on this webshop will be delivered by LYS on Thursday and Friday Afternoons. 



Deposit: to promote responsible use and reuse of glass, a 1€ deposit is charged per bottle with your final order of kombucha, which is fully refundable on the return of the bottle, or on your subsequent order.

Refund: will not apply if bottles are broken, lost or resold, if labels are removed or if bottles are returned in an unusable state (e.g. contaminated wax or other trash).

Crate: our kombucha bottles are supplied in LYS branded CFP crates – please keep track of them, I take them back on the next delivery.

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