Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Dark Beer Box(BIO) 50cl

Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Dark Beer Box(BIO) 50cl

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At farm brewery Herslev Bryghus, they brew with their own grown organic grains and as much as possible with organic or wild local ingredients. 

They like to brew with the seasons and with as least of interference as possible, like natural wine, they brew natural beer. 

With the winter coming, they have released some wonderful beers that are perfect for this season. They're dark a bit more heavier and stronger in alcohol. 

Like every beer from Herslev Bryghus, you can taste the full flavours of the organic ingredients and the craftsmanship of the brewer. Strong flavours yet well in balance, with a long after taste. Beers to enjoy on their own or accompanied with delicious and equally well produced simple foods, like cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, and such. 

This Dark Beer box contains three of our favourite dark beers; 

Porter, a nice and well balanced full and creamy organic porter with hints of chocolate, plums and raisins and even a light scent of mokka. 6,5% abv. 

Starry Night / Stjerne Brew, one of our personal favourites, a dark strong Trappiste style beer, brewed with organic Abbey Ale Yeast, coriander and star anise. It has a nice spiciness from the Abbey yeast, balanced out by the Cascade hops. With 9% a strong fellow, but therefor perfect to share in this seize bottle. 

Mørk / Dark, a new beer, brewed in collaboration with award winning chocolate gure Mikkel Friis Holm. An Imperial Stout brewed with O'Paya chocolate nibs. It's a heavy one for sure, but does not feel that way in flavour. It has a smooth and silky mouth feel, a lot of liquorice balanced out by the Citra Hops, with a nice chocolatey after taste. 9,4% 

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