Geschmack(DE) - COLA, Box 24*33cl

Geschmack(DE) - COLA, Box 24*33cl

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Is it possible to change the narrative of a 130 year-old story of cola? 

The Berlin based Geschmack braucht keine Nahme thinks they absolutely can, and their COLA is the result of endless testing with their friends,customers and cola lovers in 2015. 

Like almost all German alternative cola's, COLA is has whopping 25mg of natural cafeine per 100ml and real cola nut extract. Therefore COLA wakes you up or keep you going. 

Personally we find that this COLA comes the closest to Coca Cola which is still the reference point of most cola fans. 

The big difference though is the lack of the harmful phosphoric acid in this COLA. 

"COLA does not make you thin, but does make you happy!"

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