FriedHats(NL) - El Salvador MIRAMAR 120 (250gr)

FriedHats(NL) - El Salvador MIRAMAR 120 (250gr)

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From the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano in the Palo Campana region in El Salvador comes a new coffee by producer Jamie Catota on his farm Miramar.
It’s made up of Red Bourbon and a little Typica variety and grown at 1650masl.

This coffee comes to us through Rodolfo and his team at Productor coffee who processed this coffee themselves, carrying out a 120 hour anaerobic fermentation before drying the cherries on raised beds.
Rodolfo did his first natural fermentation at Miramar back in 2013 and after some time apart he is happy to be working with them again. T
his combination of high quality farming and processing has paid off because this coffee is super sweet with notes of chocolate bonbon, overripe banana and a stone fruit acidity!


First order of FriedHats coffee comes in the plastic dark container as stated in the photo. Further orders from this micro roaster will come in bags so you can re-use the container. (The label comes off easily, and a new label is added to the bag so you can change them your self. 

Quality Note: 
We want to offer the freshest roast as possible and therefor the beans are send immediately from the roaster to offer you the best quality and within 10 days after roasting. 



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