Andrea Marchetti (IT) - G-Ray (Vino Rosato Naturale), 75cl

Andrea Marchetti (IT) - G-Ray (Vino Rosato Naturale), 75cl

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G-Ray is an idea of Andrea Marchetti. 

The grapes used in this natural wine comes from a 40 year old bio dynamic vinyard, without any usage of syntethic product and with the greatest respect for the plants and the balance of the vinyard. 

G-Ray is vinified in steel and wild fermented with indigenous yeasts. There is no use of any kind of preservatives, stabilizors and it's unfiltred. 

G-Ray is Andrea's take of an artisan pinot grigio that had some skin contact for a week, which gives it a beautiful copper colour. The term Vino Rosato or Rose Wine is actually forced upon the label). 

The result is playful, light and full of flavour easy drinking wine, that can be best drink chilled. 



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