Nobrow Press London - Big Mother # 4: Raymond Lemstra (Limited Edition)
Nobrow Press London - Big Mother # 4: Raymond Lemstra (Limited Edition)

Nobrow Press London - Big Mother # 4: Raymond Lemstra (Limited Edition)

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This one is a bit personal to me as a big fan of Raymond Lemstra, a great artist and illustrator and friend that brought life into my baby The Travelling Nut. 

I love his pencil drawings and this publication contains a this kind of used technique, where he currently got more into painting again. 

Discover his wonderful works and if you're interested in buying his work please contact Galerie Bart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. for his latest work. 


About the zine:

Back on our shelves is the fourth title in Nobrow’s Big Mother series. This time it’s the turn of Dutch artist Raymond Lemstra to flirt with the Momma and flaunt the best of his illustrative talent in Nobrow’s largest format to date, allowing him the space to truly show off his creative flair.

Printed on the finest sustainably sourced paper, this beautiful publication is a large A3 format, opening up to huge A2 double page spreads. Big Mother #4 can be read as a book or easily dissembled into individual artworks.

Raymond Lemstra is a Dutch artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam. He has exhibited his art across the world and been commissioned on projects by international companies such as Merceds-Benz, illustrated for Arnon Grunberg’s short story and contributed to two Nobrow magazines. Lemstra often fuses traditional motifs with bold, abstract images. His works are both playful and imaginative, and his intricate pencil work and detailed layers of shading reveal an exceptional level of skill, making him a true master of his craft. Big Mother #4 celebrates the finest of Lemstra’s work by collecting and condensing his pieces into this large, limited edition monograph.

Praise for the artist:

“Tribal and robotic, are rarely two words that go hand-in-hand but somehow illustrator Raymond Lemstra manages to succeed in fusing the traditional with the futuristic…Throughout his work there’s a real sense of personality to each of his designs even when it’s a completely symmetrical, unmoving mask.” – It’s Nice That

“[the] great care in every illustration he creates… is evident in the assiduous details of his line work and compositions.” – Grain Edit

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