Natural Cider Can Is King Pack

Natural Cider Can Is King Pack

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This pack contains two wonderful natural fermented ciders in cans, both from Spain and will be available in three different packs with the-more-you-buy-the-cheaper they-get. 

Maeloc - Sidra Seca is a beautiful dry cider with 100% Galician apples from local farmers with an abv of 4,5%. Easy drinking for in the sun, over ice and with your local tapa's form of food. Vegan and gluten free. 

Kupela - Natural Basque Cider is a dry cider from the Basque Country, wild fermented and unfiltered with nothing added and an abv of 6%. Crisp, tart yet well in balance with a funky nose. Goes perfect with fatty pork, hard cheeses or other pintxos style food. Also vegan and gluten free. 






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