Herslev Bryghus - BRUS Quince 33cl, 0%

Herslev Bryghus - BRUS Quince 33cl, 0%

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No alcohol, no added sugar, brewed on malt. 

That's BRUS, a new type of organic refresher. 
Since there's no added sugar, the sweetness is derived from the malts in the brewing process. We brew it on barley and oat from our own organic fields. The fresh acidity is from the fields as well, from spontaneously fermented hay cultures. 

Is it a beer? you may ask. That's a philosophical question! 
BRUS is brewed like our beers, with our local flavours, respecting soil and craftmanship. First and foremost it's about combining the depth of malt with the freshness of wild fermentation to a refresher for kids and adults alike. 

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