Andrea Cervini ,Vino Del  Poggio (IT) - Vino Rosso, Red Wine, Vin Naturel, 75cl

Andrea Cervini ,Vino Del Poggio (IT) - Vino Rosso, Red Wine, Vin Naturel, 75cl

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Producer: Andrea Cervini
Region: Emilia Romagna
Grape Variety: Barbera
Alcohol: 12,5% vol
Format: 0,75l
Winemaking: fermentation and aging in steel


Andrea Cervini has always lived in
the vineyard.
When he was 13 years

old, he used to help his uncle working
in the vineyard. At that time, they
were selling mostly grapes and
making little wines to private people
sold in damigiane.

Andrea Cervini is passioned with

natural wines, without any doubs his
great respect for la Stoppa and
friendship with Giulio Armani gave
him the energy to start doing his own wines.

In 2006, he planted new vineyard, there is nowadays 4

hectares divided in Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Barbera
and Bonarda, and built the winery.
The vineyard is mainly planted on clay and limestone soil,
at an altitude of 200 meters high in Val Trebbia area.
There is no use of any pesticides in the vineyard, only
sulfure and cupper. This vineyard is divided in 4 different
small plots, including an old one planted in 1970.
Density is quite high to keep producing good quality
grapes : 5 000 vine per hectare.

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